About us

About Us

Omega Sound Disco’s has been in business since September 1989 and is run by Adrian Lowes who still remains as sole owner and manager of the company. Adrian still DJ’s for the company on a regular basis and prides himself in providing high quality entertainment every time he goes out. Omega Sound Disco’s employs a number of Dj’s who can cater for all tastes in music.

One of Omega Sound Disco’s main DJ’s is Chris who has been working for the company for a number of years now and like Adrian has experience in all types of functions from wedding anniversaries to weddings and Night clubs. Chris also has a regular weekly spot Djing for a local radio station.

Omega Sound Disco’s can cater for any size of party or venue and have sound and light shows to cater for all types of events from small family functions to weddings to Birthdays to large corporate functions.

Although based in Yorkshire near Selby we cover all of the UK and have played in a number venues across the country from Torquay to London to Scotland.

Unlike some DJ companies which have set music that they play and the DJ’s only play a certain type of music Omega Sound Disco’s will send a Dj applicable to the type of function you are having.

The Dj will be appropriately dressed for the function or as requested by yourselves and will play what music you want playing at a volume level you want it playing at. We have over 21 years experience in the industry and as a result we know that what the customer wants the customer should get and we will try our upmost to achieve it.

You can send us a playlist before the event if you wish and for weddings we do encourage you to notify us of a first dance before you special day. Again for corporate functions if you want a specific style of music or there is a specific style of music you don’t want then please notify us in advance and we will provide.

In 2014 we decided to expand into the Photobooth industry and Adrian's wife Amanda who has years of experience in the event management industry was enlisted to develop this side of the business. It was decided that the Photobooth side of things should be set up as a seperate business to allow more flexibility and so Omega Photobooths was born.

The Photobooth side of the business has gone from strength to strength with the focus on a quality service and high quality photo's aiming at the Wedding, Private Party and Corporate markets. We currently have a fleet of 5 Photobooths and a group of very skilled and customer focus individuals running the Photobooths under Amanda's careful guidance.