Selfie Wizard


What is a Selfie Wizard?

A Selfie wizard is a Brand new piece of technology that allows your guests to share photo's direct from their own phones or tablets on to our Selfie Screen.

We will have a large 55" screen in a visible place in the room with our Selfie Wizard technology connected. Your guests simply switch on their Wifi and connect to our Wifi network. They then open an internet browser and type in our preset text (Selfie for example). This will bring up a web page where they press a button and select a photo or take  a photo real time. They click OK and within a few seconds it will appear on our large screen. Depending upon the package you select it will also immediately print off a copy of the photo for our staff to put in a photo album for you at the end of the night and a copy for your guests. Further options are available including an extra set of prints for your guests or upgrading to our massive 100" projector screen.

At the end of the night you will get a USB memory stick with all the selfies on to keep as well as the prints if you have opted for that package. Don't worry if you think your guests won't upload their photo's. If that is the case we will get some photo's during the night and upload them for you.

In addition your guests can view all photo's that are appearing on the screen on their own phones / tablets and download them to their devices for FREE.

The Selfie Wizard is staffed all the time and our operators have the facility to moderate the photos either prior to display or after they are displayed.

This is the latest craze and there are only a few companies offering this so book us now to secure the latest form of entertainment and Photo fun. Available as a stand alone hire service or as an addition to one of our photobooth packages.

Selfie Wizard Packages

Digital Package

3 Hours use of the Selfie Wizard

Operator managing the Selfie Wizard and taking photo's if required

55" Screen Displaying your Photo's

USB of all photo's sent to the wizard

Upload of all photo's to social media

Access to the photo's for all guests

Cost of Digital Package : £295

Digital and Print Package

This includes everything listed above but in addition we will print 1 copy of all the photo's uploaded and place them in a guest book for you so that in addition to the USB you have a 6 x 4 print of every photo. We will also print a second copy and leave it on the Selfie wizard table for your guests.

Digital and Album Package Cost: £395

Add - On

Extra set of Prints for your guests to pick up from the Selfie Wizard - £50

Massive 100" Projector Screen instead of 55" Selfie Wizard Screen (Nearly 4 times the size of the Selfie Wizard Screen) - £100


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