Photobooth Types

Omega Photobooths Types of Photobooths

Omega Photobooths offers a few different types of Photobooths

Below are a few of the options that are available

All options can be booked on our online booking system HERE

The Classic Photobooth

This is one of our most popular photobooths offering all the classic Photobooth options including Greenscreen backgrounds and photo's with your names and date on.

This is what most people think of when you mention photobooths. Our photobooths are of the highest quality and come with our dedicated and uniformed staff to ensure your guests and you have a fantastic experience.

Our Photobooths also have external monitors so that your guests can see the action going on inside and view their photo's on the gallery on the screen.

We also have a number of external skins for the outside to match in with your theme.

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Tower Photobooth

Omega Photobooths have what we call a Tower booth. This is a freestanding tower which will take photo's against a backdrop. We have a number available from wood effects, to flowers to sequin backdrops. This Photobooth has more modern features that also allows guests to record GiF's and Boomerangs as well as the classic photo's. Also with the Tower booth your guests can email or text the photo's to themselves as well as you receiving them at the end of the night. The Tower booth allows for more full length photo's and for a lot more action to go on as your guests will have more space. It also comes with our highly trained staff to assist your guests.

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Selfie Wizard

Omega Photobooths has a fantastic piece of technology called a Selfie Wizard. This is a large Screen which has it's own Wifi network and allows guests to upload (and print) photo's they have taken throughout the day. Modern phones have fantastic camera's on them and can take great photo's. Your guests between them will have taken 100's of photo's of your day. Why not get them to share them with you and everybody else. As well as uploading their photo's guests can also download other people's photo's that have been uploaded. Making it a true sharing of photo's. This is available in various different sized screens up to 100".

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