Omega Photobooths All New Selfie Wizard

27th September 2018

Omega Photobooths is proud to announce the addition of the all new Selfie Wizard to our range of services.

You will probably be wondering what a selfie wizard is, just in the same way 6 - 8 years ago people were asking what a Photobooth was at a wedding. Photobooths are now very popular and are common place at a lot of weddings, Corporate and charity events and are lots of fun. The Selfie wizard is the latest thing to become available using the latest state of the art technology. Most of the things the Selfie wizard is doing is in the background and invisible and I won't bore you with all the technical stuff behind the scenes.

What you will see?

With the Omega Photobooths Selfie Wizard you will as standard get a very large 55 inch screen which is in a portrait configuration that looks very similar to a digital Photoframe.

What does it do?

Your guests will have taken photo's either earlier in the day or during the evening and they can simply upload those photo's wirelessly to the Selfie Wizard. The Photo's will magically appear on the screen in a matter of seconds in a slide show scrolling up the screen and remain there the entire time. Depending upon which pacakage you select, the Selfie wizard will also immediately print a copy of the photo and our staff member will place it in a photo album for you. At the end of the hire time you will be given a USB memory stick with everybody's photo's on it and if applicable the Guest book with all the photo's in.

We have a few upgrade options also. You can opt for an additional set of prints for your guests to take away. In addition you can choose to upgrade to 1 or 2 very large 100 inch rear projector screens, which are ideal for large rooms or corporate events.

We can fully moderate the photo's that are uploaded either by removing any which have been uploaded or by us approving photo's before they upload.

Have a look at  our Selfie Wizard Packages HERE

If you have any questions about our Selfie Wizard or our Photobooths then please get in touch.