The Present & Future

18th January 2021
Omega Photobooths Present & Future

We have not posted anything for a while as we have not been carrying out events, with the Covid19 issues ongoing. I thought we should post to update on what has been going on and the future for Omega Photobooths. First of all we can assure you we are still 100% in business and have no plans to cease trading or sell off the business so all deposits and payments are 100% secure. All existing bookings are 100% secure and any events that have to be moved because of Covid19 we will happily move to a new date (Subject to availability) free of charge. We are still open for new bookings and have been gradually still taking bookings for the future.

We have been spending the time doing maintenance on our Photobooths and looking at new ways to provide our Photobooths to you in a Covid Secure way when the government allows.

We have also been looking at new technology that has been gradually becoming available. We are updating our Selfie Wizard to new software which provides an improved customer experience and as the Selfie Wizard allows guests to send photo's from their own devices it is also Covid Safe.

We have been looking at increasing our number of Tower Photobooths as this has been very popular prior to Covid and by the nature that it is not enclosed it is more Covid Secure than an enclosed Photobooth.

We have been reviewing the use of props and how we can use them in a Covid secure way. There are some digital options where the computer can put props on your face but they aren't as much fun and as we are all about having fun, we don't want to go down that route if we can help it. We attended a Wedding Fayre a couple of months ago, when they were allowed and we opted for Hard props, Signs and wipeable glasses that could be wiped after use. This worked and we may have to just provide these initially until Covid is a distant memory.

If you have any questions about your existing booking or you would like to book us then please get in touch. You can still book via the booking tab at the top of the website.

Keep Safe everyone.